Inventory No: E13
Pair of 19th Century Mahogany Framed Mirrors. Picture frame refigured as a pair of mirrors. - 2
29"H x 25"W x 1.5"D
Inventory No: C52
19th Century Brass Bistro Mirror with original mercury mirror from Lyons. France, circa 1860
4ft 3in H x 29"W x 2"D
Inventory No: C2
19th Century Silver GiltWood Mirror with original mercury backed mirror. France, circa 1840.
33 1/2"H x 28"W x 2"D
Inventory No: T6
Giltwood Sunburst Mirror, France, circa 1920's. The diameter of the convex mirror is 7".
23" diameter (giltwood rays)
Last Update: 4/21/2019